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Don’t just take our word for it! We are pleased to share with you some of the testimonials from our ThyroSisters™. Please contact us if you’d like to add your experience to our community!

Meet our Newest ThyroSister™, Janice!

Janice experienced the frustration of very REAL symptoms that doctors dismissed due to normal labs and the possibility of “menopause”. She felt like she was not only failing as a functioning member of society, but was also becoming a burden for her husband instead of his partner. After six months on our program, she says it has saved her life.

Delena beginning treatment

Delena after 6 months of treatment

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See How Functional Medicine Changed This Patient’s Life!

At 47 years old, in late April of 2012, I began losing my hair in oval patches. These pictures were taken in late September of 2012. I did the normal thing and went to my HMO doctor knowing something was not right! I had all kinds of blood tests, sonograms, and allergist appointments only to be told by my primary care doctor, “All of your tests have come back in normal ranges. Western Medicine has nothing more to offer you… You might try acupuncture.”

LIsa Hair Loss
LIsa Hair Loss
LIsa Hair Loss

That was when I decided to take a different fork in the road along my healing journey. I found my acupuncturist and my first Functional Medicine doctor who worked together as a team to handle difficult cases. I became an integral part of this team. We worked together, to figure out why my hair was continuing to fall out.

We ran more comprehensive blood tests which showed that I had problems with my detoxifying systems and that I had Leaky Gut syndrome. They put me on some cleanses and gave me natural supplements to support my body. Three months later my hair stopped falling out and then I noticed the first fuzz coming in on my head!

Later, I had more blood tests run and found out that I also have Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis, Rheumatoid Arthritis, and 14 other tissues under attack in my body.

Armed with all of this new information, the Functional Medicine clinics were able to teach me how to live a normal, happy life. I learned to modify my diet to avoid the foods my body has developed antibodies against and how to live big on all the other foods my body thrives on.

Through the help of my Functional Medicine Doctors, deciding to take control of my own health, (instead of relying on standard protocols of HMO doctors), I have regained my hair, lost 35 pounds and am able to keep a steady weight without trying! I am careful about avoiding the foods my body doesn’t like and I prioritize getting enough sleep, but I have no pain, I have my energy back, and I feel better than I did when I was 40!

I believe that sharing my story can give you hope, that you too can regain your heath, through making a real commitment to turn your health around and by working with a Functional Medicine Practitioner, who will guide you through the natural alternatives that work!

It is my sincerest wish that you will try a different fork on the road in your Healing journey.

Lisa Nelson – Certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach

Feedback from our Social Community

I am almost all the way through my 2 week cleanse (2 more days to go), and will check in again when I’m finished but I couldn’t wait to tell you something.

For the first time in forever, I actually feel good. 

I slept through the night last night, and the night before that.

I got out of bed the last 2 mornings and felt rested. 

I have some energy!

My usual morning joint pain (that typically takes me a good 20 minutes of moving to ease up) is almost non-existent.

My elimination problems are not a problem right now. No laxatives and I am going every day!

I am not starving myself, stressing about food or counting calories or carbs or any of the other “usual” healthy eating things I’ve tortured myself with in the past. I’m almost scared to say it out loud, but, this has actually been kind of easy to implement.

And I haven’t even started the “real regimen” of supplements yet because I’m still cleansing, so I’m sure it will only continue to improve from here. Oh, and by the way – 8 lbs gone without even trying.

I will check back soon, but had to take a moment to tell you THANK YOU!

Thank you for helping me even though my thyroid looks to be just fine, for telling me I am not crazy this is not just in my head, and for helping me get started on making needed changes to improve my health and how I’m feeling. I’m greatly looking forward to the benefits to my health that I know are coming…

Thank you!

Robin L.

Dr. Labbe seems to know more about the symptoms I have been dealing with for many years, than ANY medical person, allopath OR naturopath, that I have seen. I am on her protocol and getting obvious results already. Given her track record of having helped MANY others like me, I finally have hope for better progress and bona fidely improved health. THANK GOD for Dr. Labbe and her expertise, her wisdom, her professionalism and compassion. She is a real gem.

7 Days Later:

– – Only one week into the Dr. Labbe’s prescribed cleanse, my body finally after many years, feels like it is hitting 3-4 cylinders out of 8, instead of the usual 2. I have hope, noticeably improved energy and cognition, and a new lease on life! GOD BLESS Dr. Labbe and her team for all they are doing for me and others. I am so grateful for these measurable changes in my health, I am crying tears of gratitude!

Patricia E.
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