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Giving Back to Our Community: Charitable Contributions

Charitable Contributions from Book SalesMeet Mary and Bill, my folks. Their love story was about family, faith, education, health, and giving back to the community. Mary was a “health nut” during the time of Lindberg Nutrition and Adelle Davis. She strived to be vibrant and care for her three daughters. She taught the importance of love, hard work, and looking out for others. She was beautiful inside and out, and died of breast cancer before her time at age 50.

Today the ThyroSisters “family” continues with Mom’s tradition of excellence and humanitarianism. A portion of every sale of this book is donated to charitable causes. We’re all in this together. See below for more information about our membership with Country Friends and local human care funding.

Country Friends

Dr. Labbe is a member of Country Friends, a non-profit organization founded in 1954 to provide needed funding for San Diego based charities. A portion of the profits of the sale of Thyroid & Menopause Madness will help to support the following charities that put emphasis on providing service to women, children, the elderly and people with disabilities.

Buy Your Copy today to help support these worthy causes