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You Deserve Answers. Schedule Your Clarity Call Today.

Your first step is to fill out the ThyroSisters ™ Health History Form. Once we receive this important in-take form, we will schedule a minimum 20-minute complimentary Clarity Call with Dr. Labbe.

You and Dr. Labbe will “roll up your sleeves”… she will get a better understanding of your history hopes and goals… you will have an opportunity to see if one of our Thyroid M.V.P. Program™ (Measurable. Verifiable. Progress!) might be a fit for you.

Dr. Labbe is here to really listen to you and help you decide the best way to move forward to improve your health issues.

During this clarity session, Dr. Labbe will:

  • Ask you questions about your symptoms, family history, and experience so she can establish a baseline understanding of your health situation
  • Give you perspective on where your current efforts will take your hormone/thyroid health
  • Recommend actionable steps to help you improve your health
  • Help you determine if the Thyroid M.V.P. Program™ is right for you.

Sound good? Let’s get started:

  • Step 1: Click here to fill out the ThyroSisters™ Health History Form. Fill it out to the best of your ability. It is comprehensive, because we really want to learn about you and your concerns.
  • Step 2: We’ll reach out to you shortly to schedule your minimum 20-minute clarity call with Dr. Labbe.