What about On-Going Support?

Introducing the Thyrosisters™  VIP Maintenance Program (You must have been enrolled in a ThyroSisters™ original program to be eligible for the VIP Maintenance Program)  ThyroSisters is a work of passion, and we love crafting it every day.  I thank you for joining me and my team on this journey of health. Now that you are in process in one of our ThyroSisters programs, how do you keep up the strides you have accomplished? Soon you'll be sleeping better with less fatigue (while not wearing socks to bed on summer nights). You'll be a "normal" weight, (hello little black dress) with no more mood swings.  You are learning “why” and becoming empowered, confident, and back to that feeling of being you again. Our vision is to help you maintain the results you are in the process of achieving while expanding your knowledge of all things related to your thyroid, weight, insomnia, hot flashes, digestive problems, and more. We'd also like to introduce you to like-minded, non-judgmental friends in our Thyrosisters VIP Maintenance Community. Continue below for more details.