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    Detox with the Doctor Weight Management Program is a science-based metabolic cleansing program that supports the body’s detoxification processes and decreases inflammation for optimal success.

    This program is for you if:

    • You have struggled with stubborn weight gain, and feel like you have tried everything.
    • You're ready to learn about inflammatory markers, glucose, insulin, hypothyroid markers, Hashimoto’s antibody markers, and leptin ... and WHY they'll impact your weight loss success or failure.

    You will receive:

    • A ThyroSisters Weight Loss Lab Requisition for a nearby lab.
    • A unique, comprehensive, yet easy-to-understand ThyroSisters™ Freedom Report. You will own meaningful information about why YOU may be struggling with weight loss, why you can’t lose weight on a low calorie diet. (Example, glucose concerns, infections, anemia, Hashimoto’s, hypothyroid).
    • Detox with Your Doctor Weight Management Kit, includes: 14 day meal packets, science-based supplement capsules to decrease inflammation, help with leaky gut, and rid the body of toxins and biofilms.
    • One 90-minute ThyroSisters™ Freedom Detox with The Doctor Group Web Based Clarity Class. During this session you will have a deeper understanding of how detoxification eliminates common dietary triggers, how to release toxic build up, reboot your metabolism, heal your body, revealing a lighter, brighter, healthier you.
    Although this program is very easy to follow there are a few steps that you must follow to get the maximum benefit from your program. We offer the program multiple times throughout the year. Please call our office for upcoming dates: 858-584-9401.

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    This program is for you if you are experiencing leaky gut, SIBO, or unexplained digestive symptoms.

    Some symptoms may include GERD, bloating, belching, constipation, or irritable bowel syndrome. Or, perhaps you have been using proton pump inhibitors (PPI) and they just aren’t working anymore.

    You'll receive:

    • Thyrosisters™ Digestive Lab Panel  and Report will give insight into what the root cause issues are and natural, yet powerful, solutions for digestive/elimination health.
    • Diet, lifestyle, meal planning, shopping lists.
    • 10% off all supplements.  (Supplements not included in program price)
    This program can be completed on your own (with comprehensive support material),  or in an interactive, web-based, group class. We offer the program several times a year. Please call our office for upcoming dates at 858-284-9401 or click here to send a message to our team.
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    This program is for you if you have a hard time getting to sleep or staying asleep for over three months.

    You'll receive:

    • The ThyroSisters™ Sleep Lab panel to discover the root cause and the biochemical mechanisms that could be contributing to your insomnia.
    • Glucose, 5 hypothyroid markers, autoimmune thyroid, low grade infections, anemia,  are just some of the markers performed on this comprehensive lab panel
    • Meaningful insight into your sleep concerns.
    This program can be completed on your own (with comprehensive support material),  or in an interactive, web-based, group class. This program does not include one-on-one consults with Dr. Labbe. It is offered multiple times throughout the year. Please call our office for upcoming dates: 858-584-9401.
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  • This program is for you if you feel easily overwhelmed,  everyone is on your last nerve, or you're constantly Tired But Wired.

    You also probably can’t lose weight (even while living on lettuce).  You will learn if you are in adrenal fatigue,  how to reduce inflammation, increase energy, heal digestion, improve sleep, and detoxify your body.

    You'll receive:

    • A comprehensive Adrenal and Stress Blood Requisition slip to take to a Lab Corp near you
    • Functional Health Saliva Kit sent to your home to test DHEA and cortisol levels four times throughout the day with no fasting.
    • ThyroSisters Freedom Playbook
    • Identify adrenal imbalances caused by too much or too little hormone. What stage of adrenal fatigue you may be in, and from the blood work, how this is impacting your weight, sleep, brain fog and fatigue levels
    • Science-based Nutritional Supplementation Plan
    • Web based, 90-minute group class online
    • Copy of Dr. Labbe’s Amazon #1 best selling book, Thyroid and Menopause Madness
    • 10% off all supplements shipped straight to your doorstep
    This program can be completed on your own (with comprehensive support material), or in an interactive, web-based, group class. It is offered multiple times throughout the year. Please call our office for upcoming dates: 858-584-9401. Continue below for more information about the program.

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    This program is for you if:

    • You struggle with hypothyroid or Hashimoto’s symptoms like brain fog, gut issues, insomnia, or weight gain.
    • You need lab work seldom performed in the medical model.
    • You want solid, results-orientated guidance from science-based testing, nutrition, and diets. Shopping lists and recipes included!
    • You are comfortable learning in a group, web-based, integrative class setting  as opposed to one-on-one  with Dr. Labbe.
    • You can complete this program on your own, with support materials, or in an interactive group setting.

    You'll Receive:

    • One unique lab requisition to test for the 22 reasons root causes of your symptoms. This comprehensive panel is essential to understand your current condition and will be the baseline for your treatment plan.
    • An individual, comprehensive, and innovative Freedom Report that focuses on thyroid issues, Hashimoto’s, adrenal fatigue, gut issues, sugar handling concerns, anemia, and WHY it’s all happening.
    • Lifestyle and diet recommendations. A comprehensive, specially-designed diet will be recommended based on your lab results. (Examples include gluten free, vegetarian, Paleo, anti-inflammatory, Mediterranean, Keto or hypothyroid diets.)
    • Simplified, science-based list of supplements based on your lab work.  The price of the supplements are not included in the program fee, however...
    • You'll receive 10% off professional, science-based, pharmaceutical-grade supplements sent right to your door with free shipping.
    • Copy of Dr. Labbe's book and Amazon #1 Best Seller, Thyroid and Menopause Madness, Why It Feels Like You’re Falling Apart and What You Can Do About It. 
    • ThyroSisters 90-minute Freedom Webinar Class discussing lab work, diets, Hashimoto's, hormone health, and all things thyroid related!
    Additional program details below.
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  • What about On-Going Support?

    Introducing the Thyrosisters™  VIP Maintenance Program (You must have been enrolled in a ThyroSisters™ original program to be eligible for the VIP Maintenance Program)  ThyroSisters is a work of passion, and we love crafting it every day.  I thank you for joining me and my team on this journey of health. Now that you are in process in one of our ThyroSisters programs, how do you keep up the strides you have accomplished? Soon you'll be sleeping better with less fatigue (while not wearing socks to bed on summer nights). You'll be a "normal" weight, (hello little black dress) with no more mood swings.  You are learning “why” and becoming empowered, confident, and back to that feeling of being you again. Our vision is to help you maintain the results you are in the process of achieving while expanding your knowledge of all things related to your thyroid, weight, insomnia, hot flashes, digestive problems, and more. We'd also like to introduce you to like-minded, non-judgmental friends in our Thyrosisters VIP Maintenance Community. Continue below for more details.
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