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Lab Tests. Answers. A Plan.


Do you struggle with hypothyroid, fatigue, brain fog, mood swings, sleep issues, hormone imbalances, digestive troubles, or an autoimmune like Hashimoto’s?

Perhaps you found out you have the MTHFR gene variant or a viral infection, and haven’t been able to find a practitioner to help you. Are you feeling frustrated with the answers you are getting? (Or lack of answers?) Being told you are “normal”? Do you seem to know, intuitively, there must be another way to change your health situation? Are you eager to recognize yourself enjoying family, friends, and tackling the joys and challenges of life? Being and doing what you love. Thriving, not just surviving.

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I understand how you feel. I struggled with hypothyroid for 20 years before I ran labs on myself, found out I had Hashimoto’s and Celiac’s and was in early menopause. So I studied, researched, tested, listened, failed (let’s keep it real), got back up, and observed some more. I learned how functional health could relieve the, sometimes debilitating, side effects like insomnia, weight issues, and “tired but wired” feeling.

From these humble beginnings, I started treating countless clients and refining and expanding science-based protocols. It’s a proprietary approach THAT WORKS! My auto-immune issues are in remission, I sleep well, and have developed a passion and programs to help transform and support people in similar situations. Through our various and specialized ThyroSisters Freedom Programs™, cutting edge resources, blogs, newsletters, educational content, and VIP Facebook communities, I believe it’s possible for you too, to rediscover your perfect health and in turn, your gifts and talents again. Your family, and this world desperately needs you capable and strong.

Yours in Health,

Dr. Joni Labbe & the ThyroSisters Team

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“Within a week of starting the program, that fog was lifting from my brain, I had so much more clarity, I could remember things and it’s just been an amazing experience.”  — Janice

“I cried every day for 17 months…I was terribly fearful of everything. I couldn’t sleep or stay awake. I was put on unhealthy drugs by ‘healthcare professionals’. I found Dr. Labbe and she gave me hope from the very beginning… She explained every symptom I had and why I was having it. I thank God for her from the bottom of my heart. I can rejoin the world as I always knew it.” — Isabel