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When Did You Stop Feeling Like You?

Your doctor says that your tests are normal, but something isn’t right. You used to be a woman full of energy. Your mind was as sharp as a razor. You could work hard, play hard, and then do it all over again in the morning. These days, you’d be lucky if you can manage to wear matching socks and actually remember where you put your keys.

This isn’t normal aging, and you are not lazy, crazy, or finished!

I know this, because I was once in the same boat as you. After dragging myself from doctor to doctor and all over the internet to find answers, I was told I was “just aging” and “feeling guilty about not being as perky as I used to be.” I don’t know how many time I heard the tired dogma of “You just need to exercise more and eat less.”

I made it my mission to figure out what was wrong with me, (hint: it’s all about getting the APPROPRIATE lab tests).

Your friends and your doctors may tell you that this is a normal part of aging, but it’s not! Their words can make you feel invisible, or like a “whiner,” but I promise that you aren’t crazy or alone.

Sound familiar?

  • Your body has gone from being your best friend to being a prison
  • You feel like an invisible force has vacuumed up all of your energy…
  • ….yet you toss and turn all night! Tired but wired!
  • Those ten extra pounds magically appeared on your hips overnight and even the strictest diets won’t budge them
  • The hair on your head has somehow migrated to your chin
  • You feel anxious all day long
  • Sometimes your heart starts pounding like it’s trying to win a race
  • Confidentially, it’s as dry as the Mojave Desert “down there” and you never feel in the mood

It’s likely that your hormones are out of whack, which is exactly what my Thyroid M.V.P. Program™ (Measurable. Verifiable. Progress!) is designed to test for.

When I first started looking for answers, I had no clue that there are 22 distinct patterns of hypothyroid disorders. The traditional medical community treats them all the same way, and then just prescribes thyroid medication.

At the time, I didn’t have the proper tests to get to the bottom of what was really going on with my unique set of symptoms. Now I do, and I’m offering the same system I used to stabilize my thyroid, Hashimoto’s, and hormones to you!

It all starts with a very important COMPLIMENTARY CLARITY PHONE CONSULTATION. It will last at least 20 minutes and will help me identify your thyroid/hormone/overall health problems and begin suggesting solutions.

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I Can Help You Figure Out What’s Wrong

Did you know that an estimated 50 million Americans have an autoimmune disorder[1]? For reasons that are still not well understood, a majority of people with auto-immune disorders are pre- peri-, or post-menopausal women.

Auto-immune disorders are tricky to identify and diagnose, because the symptoms vary and can often be mistaken for other things.

One of the most common auto-immune disorders is called Hashimoto’s hypothyroidism. It kind of sounds like a weird sushi roll, right? If only it were so fun and delicious.

Instead, Hashimoto’s occurs when your own immune system attacks your thyroid. Since your thyroid is in charge of releasing and managing important hormones in your body, these damaging attacks can cause your body to go haywire.

Most doctors don’t test for Hashimoto’s…but I do!

Thyroid health

Getting Well Starts with Getting Tested

You can’t start getting your life back until we figure out what’s happening inside of your body. As I mentioned, there are 22 different root causes of hypothyroid disease!

Yep, and that’s only the beginning. Your symptoms could also be a result of anemia, adrenal fatigue, leaky gut, SIBO, genetic changes, (you’ll learn more about this in my program), or even parasites!

Just a few decades ago, we didn’t have nearly the same capabilities to test individuals as we do now. In 2003, the Human Genome Project was completed, and its results have helped researchers develop affordable genetic, hormone, and thyroid tests. You can now perform some of these saliva/urine tests conveniently at home and send them to a third-party lab.

I have spent years forging partnerships with independent labs around the country that can perform advanced and thorough tests. In fact, the first step in my Thyroid M.V.P. Program™ is to get you tested (no matter where you live in the country).

This functional health program includes two full blood chemistry panels. You’ll take the first one before you start the program and the second one approximately four months later to see how your body is responding to your individualized treatment plan.

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We Grow Stronger Together – My Story

Eleanor Roosevelt observed, “You gain strength, courage, and confidence by every experience in which you really stop to look fear in the face. You are able to say to yourself, ‘I have lived through this horror. I can take the next thing that comes along.’”

What I really want to share with you, though, is that I’ve been where you are right now. I’m not just a Functional Health Practitioner; I’m also a post-menopausal woman with Celica’s disease and Hashimoto’s hypothyroidism. “I get it ‘cause I got it.”

In 2007, before I diagnosed myself, I felt absolutely miserable. I thought I was going crazy and breaking down with middle age!

When I was going through the frustration, sleepless nights, and running around to different health care specialties, I began to realize:

Wait a minute, I’m a Board-Certified Clinical Nutritionist, with a Fellow in Nutrition. I have certifications in Functional Endocrinology, Functional Neurology, and Blood Chemistry Analysis. I’m a Dr. of Chiropractic. I hosted a weekly call-in radio talk-show: “Healthier Way with Dr. Labbe.” Maybe, just maybe, with a lot of clinical research and the grace of God, I can figure out my own health issues….

Let’s move past the trials and errors I went through to figure it out, and get to the good part. I ran the correct “functional medicine” lab tests on myself, and low and behold

  • My brain fog lifted
  • My mood swings became a thing of the past
  • I lost 15 pounds and maintain a healthy weight today
  • Best of all, I sleep like a baby and wake up refreshed and ready to tackle the day

I started researching the literature, developing protocols, and applying functional health methodology to my clients. It was amazing how many women I encountered who were struggling with the same indifference and frustrations of the traditional medical community.

That’s when I DECIDED to do something about it. I decided to take responsibility, face my fear and make it my personal mission, my calling if you will, to “carry the torch” for women struggling with what seems to be insidious unrelated symptoms of fatigue, digestive issues, brain fog, and Hashimoto’s.

That’s WHY I have put everything I’ve learned about helping myself and hundreds of women across the country into one comprehensive all-inclusive Thyroid M.V.P. Program™. It stands for Measurable. Verifiable. Progress.

You – a strong, smart, and caring woman, can help us spread the word. Is this a message you can get behind? Do you, a loved one, or someone you know, need help with their thyroid or hormones?

If it makes sense (there’s NEVER any pressure from us) schedule your 20-minute complimentary clarity call. First, you’ll fill out a health questionnaire, then a member of our team will contact you to schedule. This call will help me get a better understanding of your needs, and you will be able to see if one of our programs is a fit for you.

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