Thyroid and Menopause Madness

Thyroid and Menopause Madness

Why it feels like you’re falling apart and what you can do about it! This book is for you if you have tried “everything” but still experience:

  • Fatigue
  • Energy Crashes
  • Brain Fog
  • Memory Loss
  • Insomnia
  • Irregular Cycles
  • Hot Flashes
  • Night Sweats
  • Weight Gain

I know you’re frustrated with feeling awful. You may even wonder, Is this just the way I am now?

The transition into menopause can take ten or more years and be a wildly unpleasant ride at times. Challenging? Yes. But, ThyroSisters™, don’t let mid-life Mooch your Mojo. Instead, embrace this time as a wakeup call to win back your confidence, energy, and decisiveness. Don’t believe the myth that you are too young, too old, or too late to feel good.

Thyroid & Menopause Madness is a fun and informative look at how your levels of  thyroid, estrogen, progesterone, testosterone, cortisol, neuro transmitters and sex hormones affect your brain and body. In plain English, Dr. Joni Labbe offers powerful, science-based nutritional therapy and lifestyle solutions to ease the mid-life transition, reclaim your Mojo, and restore yourself to vibrant health.

This revolutionary book explains where your Mojo went and gives you the tools and knowledge to get it back!

See Dr. Labbe at Warwick’s Book Store.  The revised and updated version of Mojo Thyroid Girlfriends is now Thyroid and Menopause Madness.

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In The Book

Thyroid Truths

Thyroid and Menopause Madness was written for women who want to enjoy the best years of their life, but feel like their bodies are slowly falling apart.

Dr. Joni Labbe offers assurance that your symptoms are real and that you aren’t going crazy! She shares how low thyroid, menopause, aging adrenal glands, insulin resistance, autoimmune flare ups, and your environment may be causing you to feel fatigued, constipated, unsexy, and cranky. Additionally, the foods you’ve been eating your whole life could actually be zapping you of strength and causing your own immune system to attack your thyroid!

Dr. Labbe gives readers a clear course of action, starting with a comprehensive panel of tests to discover what is happening inside your body. Dr. Labbe’s approach utilizes science-based solutions that use the body’s own powers of healing to reclaim your Mojo.

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“From the first page to the last, Dr. Joni had me engrossed in this fabulous book. I found myself highlighting, taking notes, and repeatedly saying, “Ah ha! That sounds exactly like what’s happening to me!! I’m not crazy!” The way she explains the symptoms, causes, and solutions for autoimmune and hormonal disorders in this guide, makes it easy for anyone to get informed and get help to feel better now. Getting to the root causes, not just treating the symptoms, is her goal here and she scores a touchdown … Thank you so very much much Dr. Joni for empowering me with the knowledge and resources to get my Mojo back!! I’m definitely recommending this wonderful book to all the women in my life.”

Dr Joni Labbe wrote this book with understanding (having an auto immune disorder herself), Knowledge (being a doctor) and Humor (being a women going through all this and still holding her head up). Praise to her for writing this book. So many “ah Haaa” moments for me. So very easy to read, not using terms that go right over your head. My favorite lines in the book …” if men went through menopause, a national emergency would be declared long ago ” and ” hospitals everywhere would have a menopause wing”. If you or someone you know is going through menopause and/ or has an auto immune disorder this is a must read.”

With every page I turned I found myself nodding or saying “YES, that’s me!” or “Exactly!” Dr. Labbe nailed it on the head with this book, and wow does she know her stuff. It was so refreshing to read a book that I could relate to on this topic, that was easy to understand, yet still extremely informative and helpful. I honestly felt relief and hope after reading through this book. Her suggestions are wonderful and I highlighted portions of the book to return to, and even took some notes! I highly recommend this book to all woman approaching menopause and any woman who has unanswered questions about her own health and is looking for real solutions.

About Dr. Labbe

Dr. Joni LabbeDr. Joni Labbe, DC, CCN, DCCN is a doctor of chiropractic, board certified clinical nutritionist, functional wellness practitioner, thyroid specialist, speaker and author of the book, Thyroid & Menopause Madness and It’s Not Menopause, It’s Your Thyroid! She is also certified in functional endocrinology and functional neurology. She was the clinical director of the Labbe Health Center, as well as a licensed provider for the Pastoral Medical Association (PMAI). Dr. Labbe offers non-invasive, natural methods for managing thyroid disease and preserving wellness. Click here to learn more!