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If there’s one thing we know at ThyroSisters™, it’s that the best lessons come from the people around us and the ones who have come before us. That’s what this page is all about… sharing, learning, being vulnerable, and inspiring each other.

While we are based in San Diego and  see clients locally, we have been serving our wonderful distance clients all over the US, since 2016, through “telemedicine” functional home testing kits, and easy visits to Lab Corp, the largest lab in the country.

Meet our ThyroSister, Jenny!

I was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s years ago, and always felt like I was just managing my symptoms.  Earlier this year I turned 50, had several stressful events, and felt extreme fatigue, brain fog, had a rash that would come and go, and my weight was up.  We discovered I had a parasite ( Blastocyst), and in four months of changing my diet, some targeted supplements, I’ve lost 20 lbs, I’m sleeping better, the rash is gone, and my energy is up.

Meet our ThyroSister, Katy!

I had brain fog, weight gain, everything felt so heavy. I didn’t want to work out anymore, and my periods were all over the map. After 2.5 months on the ThyroSisters program, it’s the first time in two years I finally recognize myself again. My periods are regular again, my energy is up, I’m not quick to judge, and I’ve lost the stubborn weight.

Meet our ThyroSister, Lara!

Lara was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s seven years prior to meeting Dr. Labbe. After starting menopause, Lara was experiencing extreme exhaustion and relied on regular naps to get through the day. Simple tasks seemed more difficult and exercise was totally out of the question. Lara also tried bioidentical hormones, with little relief. Listen to what she did after becoming a ThyroSister to lose 10 pounds in 30 days, ditch the naps, and start fitting into her clothes again.

Meet our ThyroSister, Colleen!

“I finally had someone LISTEN to me!”  Colleen felt out of control in regard to her health. After two months see how she lost 25 lbs, is sleeping better, and able to keep up with her 9 year old daughter!

Meet our ThyroSister, Shelby!

Shelby was catching every cold her daughter brought home from school. After her blood review and recommendations, she went on several supplements to boost her immune system. View how she is able to keep up with her 1 and 4 year old children, not catching every cold that comes around, and overall improved mood. See what she noticed when she “fell off the wagon” one week-end.

Meet our ThyroSister, Pam!

Pam shares how one thing contributed to her successful weight loss and better sleep.  View how she had a breakthrough in her health journey by implementing this one thing for 28 days.  It takes mindfulness and commitment (everything worthwhile always does!) …but so worth the effort.

Here’s an update from our ThyroSister, Pam!

I lost 20 lbs. without realizing it.  I kept my focus on my health rather than the number on the scale.  I have this new pattern of living, focusing on what I want.  Not what I don’t want. I even lost 4 lbs. from Thanksgiving to Christmas!  This is amazing, because I’m a cookie girl, I love to bake, I’m known for my cooking.  I learned the secret to weight loss is getting the inflammation down.  Not counting calories or living in the gym.  I still bake, exercise, enjoy my life even more because I know I have control over my weight, because I control the inflammation.  You can do it too!

Meet our ThyroSister, Misty!

Misty searched for answers for years before finding Dr. Labbe. She struggled with brain fog, weight gain, exhaustion, thyroid medication, and a strained marriage. She felt like a failure – and worried she was experiencing dementia. After one month of treatment, she started experiencing clarity. At two months, she felt more alive every day and lost 15 pounds. At three months, she’s lost 20 pounds and notices marked health improvements every day. She sleeps better, wakes up refreshed, is able to work out, she can focus, and the joint and muscle aches have disappeared. “You’re free to make any choice you want, but you’re not free from the consequences.” Putting in the effort to get her life back was hard – “I chose my ‘hard’. I chose to heal. I chose to get better. I chose to be happy.”

Meet our ThyroSister, Mickie!

After high blood pressure and obesity caused a stroke, Micki decided to have the “ gastric sleeve” procedure performed.  She lost 150 lbs.  While she kept 100 lbs. off, over time 45 lbs. crept back up. Micki connected with ThyroSisters, lab work was performed, a plan was established, at this short point in her health journey has lost 14 lbs, through mindful eating, changing a few habits, and getting big results. (Even though she LOVES bread and carbs!)

Meet our ThyroSister, Christie!

At 48 years young, Christie was contending with health issues. Fatigue, putting on weight, and psychologically mal-adapting to the new “normal”. After trying numerous protocols, including bioidentical hormones, Christie read Dr. Labbe’s #1 Amazon Best seller, Thyroid and Menopause Madness and booked a clarity call with Dr. Labbe. Lab work was performed, and a plan was created. In 8 months, she is sleeping better, joint pain reduced, weight is down. “I found an advocate with Dr. Labbe. She really listened and cares”.

Meet our ThyroSister, Christa!

If you have been suffering with feelings of anxiety, and have Hashimoto’s hypothyroid, learn 4 of the top lesser known reasons that may be the cause.

Meet our ThyroSister, Christine!

Christine started her journey with Dr. Labbe like so many others… desperate. Within 20 days of starting treatment, she’s lost 14 pounds and felt marked improvements in brain fog, anxiety, and more. Her Husband and family were amazed at the rapid changes in her physical, mental, and emotional wellness. Schedule your free clarity call today to see how we can help you achieve similar results!

Meet our ThyroSister, Danielle!

After one month on the program, view how Danielle lost 2” off her waist, ditched the fatigue, and reduced hot flashes from 20 to ONE or TWO over a 24-hour-period. Hear her experience of discovering she had hemochromatosis, or iron overload.

Meet our ThyroSister, Lori!

Lori has Hashimoto’s and struggles with fatigue and weight loss resistance.  She checks in with us, below, after 6 weeks, 6 months, and then one year. Learn how she lost 7.50 lbs. in the first four weeks, 43 pounds after six months, then 81 POUNDS after 12 months. Her program successfully decreased inflammation without unreasonable exercise or cutting calories.

Lori’s Hashimoto’s is in remission and she’s transformed from no energy, to feeling lighter, younger, and happier. Congrats, Lori!

Meet our ThyroSister, Nicole!

ThyroSisters Client TestimonialDr. Labbe has been absolutely incredible to work with.  I was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s a few years ago and while I was provided with helpful information from previous doctors about how to improve my symptoms, it seemed overwhelming.

When I suddenly gained almost ten pounds a year and a half ago, and couldn’t lose even an ounce no matter what I did, my vanity motivated me to find someone who could truly help me.  I am petite though and ten pounds doesn’t sound like much so that symptom often gets pushed away, but I also knew that was a sign that something was just not working right in my body.  I was also feeling very tired.  I am a mom of two little boys who are 20 months apart – throw in a pandemic and my fatigue was written off as a symptom of “mom life”.  I didn’t want to write my symptoms off because I knew that I could be thriving, but I didn’t know where to begin.

I really needed help with a step-by-step plan of action, and I wanted to work with someone who knew exactly what I was going through – after some research I found Dr. Labbe and she has been SUCH a gift.

From our very first phone conversation I felt like she truly cared – she spent so much time going over my history and my symptoms, empathizing with me, and coming up with a game plan.  She didn’t dismiss any of my concerns as frivolous – she took everything I said seriously.  The testing was tailored to me specifically, and when we spoke again she broke down every single result into a way that I could understand.  The hopelessness I had previously felt was replaced with empowerment.

I followed her suggestions regarding what to eat and took the supplements she recommended and in just a few weeks I feel so much better.  6 pounds melted off and countless other symptoms improved – I have more energy, a happier outlook, am fitting into my clothes again, and look forward to every call with Dr. Labbe.  She is so supportive and has shown me that I can achieve all the goals I have regarding my health.  She doesn’t offer a one-size-fits-all approach and instead listens to you and what you need and tailors her recommendations accordingly.  I am so grateful for Dr. Labbe, excited to continue working with her, and highly recommend her to anyone looking for an approach that actually works.  Thank you Dr. Labbe!

Meet our ThyroSister, Caroline!

Caroline could not remember a day when she didn’t wake up with a headache.  Even though she has Hashimoto’s, see how she has gone migraine free,  lost 9 lbs.,  reduced anxiety and depression and feeling younger.

Meet our ThyroSister, Cassie!

I wanted to go through menopause and still have people like me” See how Cassie is reducing brain fog, lost 7.8 lbs. in 28 days even with hypothyroid issues, and quit gaining weight in her kick boxing class.

Meet our ThyroSister, Krista!

Since the 14 Day Cleanse, it’s the first time Krista could remember feeling good after eating!  She had been suffering with severe fatigue, chronic migraines, hair loss, digestive issues, and her husband thought she should see a neurologist for a brain tumor. Even her vision is better.  See her remarkable health journey.

Meet our ThyroSister, Nicole!

Enjoy the many practical and fabulous tips and tricks from Nicole’s experience on the ThyroSisters™ program.  From organizing supplements, to quick nutritious snacks and alternative baking flours, to conquering misconceptions of “healthy foods”.  See how she has gained understanding on balancing hormones, reducing hotflashes, decreasing inflammation, leaky gut, and reducing Hashimoto concerns.

Meet our ThyroSister, Ruth!

Ruth had concerns about digestive issues or jittery feelings from the Weight Loss Packets in our 28-Day, Low Sugar, Weight Loss Program. View her experience – losing 8 lbs. in 3 weeks, with no jitters, nauseousness, and super easy supplement packets.

Meet our ThyroSister, Monica!

After struggling with dark days emotionally, waking up in the middle of the night angry, and agitated,  Monica is seeing her true, happy, self again.  View her encouraging testimony and see that even with Hashimoto’s you too can see your former self again.

Meet our ThyroSister, Jocelyn!

Josi had been contending with brain fog so bad her kids were correcting her,  a lack of sleep, anxiety, and had been told she was pre-diabetic.  After 30 days she has lost 15 lbs, sleeping better, decrease brain fog, and taking more time to be kind to herself.

Meet our ThyroSister, Debbie!

Debbie had been struggling with thyroid issues since she was 19 years old. (Currently 66) After about 6 weeks she has lost 10 lbs, is less anxious, and is no longer experiencing heart palpitations!

Meet our ThyroSister, Sharon!

See how Sharon quit hiding food in her car, increased her energy, memory and libido.  Her hubby even lost weight with her! 😊

Meet our ThyroSister, Julie!

Even with a slow start through the holidays, progression not perfection, Julie no longer is in bed with monthly  headaches, fatigue, brain fog, and hot flashes.

Meet our ThyroSister, Jen!

Meet Emergency Room Nurse Practitioner, Jennifer Angell.  Even through a pandemic, a high-stress emergency room environment, and Hashimoto’s… she has lost 22 pounds in 10 weeks.  Thank you Jen for keeping us safe, for being on the front lines, for your commitment and courage.  We love and appreciate you.

Meet our ThyroSister, Heather!

Heather was tired of trying so many diets with very little results. See how the cleanse helped her lose 8 lbs. in 2 weeks (due to decreased inflammation), decreased joint pain, and calf swelling, sleeping deeper, and feeling more optimistic.

Meet our ThyroSister, Michelle!

Michelle chose to do the cleanse over a longer period of time. After being on the cleanse for four weeks, see how her stomach issues, bloating, brain fog, insomnia and even mood swings evened out. Feeling 75% better.

Meet our ThyroSister, Janice!

Janice was told her lab work was “normal” even though she could barely function over 2 hours at a time without resting. See her heart-warming story of severe fatigue, feeling like she was going crazy mentally to, within 6 months, joining her daughter three days a week at a boot camp challenge!

Meet our ThyroSister, Isabel!

Meet extraordinary Isabel, who had her thyroid removed, was suffering with GERD, panic attacks, and constantly felt “wired but tired”. She cried everyday for 17 months, not because she was sad, but because no matter where she turned she could not sleep. In less than a few months she is back to gardening, riding her bike, and living life again!

Meet our ThyroSister, Kathy!

View beautiful Kathy’s testimony, who had part of her thyroid removed when she was 25. She has two auto immune issues; Multiple Sclerosis and Hashimoto’s, yet within in a few months has lost 10 lbs., less brain fog, and even her “loved ones” are remarking that she seems more like her former self again. Learn how she did it in this short video. (Hint: It doesn’t have to be long and mysterious. You need to get to the root cause of the issues and apply functional health protocols. Stop guessing and start testing.)

Delena beginning treatment

When beautiful Delena came to us, her chief concern was brain fog and fatigue. Her husband had to drive her to the office, and her family thought she was getting Alzheimer’s, or some form of dementia. In the first few minutes of her testimony, note how her speech is slow, she is “looking” for her words, and you sense she is still confused, even though she is somewhat improved after 6 weeks.

Delena after 6 months of treatment

Then, see the jaw-dropping change in Delena after six months… her demeanor, cadence, confidence! You won’t believe it is the same woman. Neither did her husband, as Delena will share with you.

Hashimoto’s occurs when your own immune system attacks your thyroid or other organs and glands. Since your thyroid is in charge of releasing and managing important hormones in your body, these damaging attacks can cause your body to go haywire.

Listen to how Functional Medicine can help your Hashimoto’s! If you or someone you love suffers from thyroid imbalance, contact us at 858.284.9501 or support@thyrosisters.com.

Long after menopause, Bette Ann was still experiencing “hot flashes” all day and night, causing insomnia. See how she was able to balance her hormones, get some rest, and reduce her hot flashes.

Amy was having bleeding gums, dental issues, and hormone imbalances when she first started the program… see how she turned her issues around.

After spending thousands of dollars, and traipsing all over the country to see Lyme and Hashimoto’s experts, see the progress in Laura’s fatigue levels and most importantly the sense of hope and optimism restored in just 3 weeks. Still tired, but that unrelenting, “run over with a Mac truck” feeling is gone, replaced with a sense of calmness. There is no magic bullet, and no cookie-cutter, overnight quick fixes. But, you can get YOU back when you know the root cause, and the functional health protocols are applied to the issues.

Let Julie’s story be an encouragement to you, especially if you are trying to go gluten free, have Hashimoto’s, and have severe stomach or gut issues.

Alice had a 25 year Diet Coke addiction, constipation, exhaustion, and couldn’t seem to have the energy to get through the evening. See how she was able to conquer all of those concerns through life style changes and science-based supplements.

See how April was able to lose 12 lbs. in 14 days after discovering the root cause of her weight gain, while she was on a cruise! Hint: inflammation. After seeing all sorts of doctors of different specialties, April discovered the time saving benefits of “testing instead of guessing”.

Celebrate with Olga over her huge success in reducing her cholesterol and reducing her liver enzymes back down to normal.

Joanne feels like she is “waking up” for the first time after a few visits with Dr. Joni Labbe! Her brain fog has cleared, her diabetes is under control, and she has finally found the answers she was searching!

“Dr. Labbe, I am so thankful for meeting you and going through your program 8 years ago. I have been hive-free since you told me to get off gluten because I have Hashimoto’s. I have done so well that I hvae not taken thyroid medication for almost 5 years because my numbers have been good. Thank you!” – Cyndi

See How Functional Medicine Changed This Patient’s Life!

At 47 years old, in late April of 2012, I began losing my hair in oval patches. These pictures were taken in late September of 2012. I did the normal thing and went to my HMO doctor knowing something was not right! I had all kinds of blood tests, sonograms, and allergist appointments only to be told by my primary care doctor, “All of your tests have come back in normal ranges. Western Medicine has nothing more to offer you… You might try acupuncture.”

LIsa Hair Loss
LIsa Hair Loss
LIsa Hair Loss

That was when I decided to take a different fork in the road along my healing journey. I found my acupuncturist and my first Functional Medicine doctor who worked together as a team to handle difficult cases. I became an integral part of this team. We worked together, to figure out why my hair was continuing to fall out.

We ran more comprehensive blood tests which showed that I had problems with my detoxifying systems and that I had Leaky Gut syndrome, Rheumatoid Arthritis, and 14 other tissues under attack in my body. They put me on some cleanses and gave me natural supplements to support my body. Three months later my hair stopped falling out and then I noticed the first fuzz coming in on my head!

Armed with all of this new information, the Functional Medicine clinics were able to teach me how to live a normal, happy life. I learned to modify my diet to avoid the foods my body has developed antibodies against and how to live big on all the other foods my body thrives on.

Through the help of my Functional Medicine Doctors, deciding to take control of my own health, (instead of relying on standard protocols of HMO doctors), I have regained my hair, lost 35 pounds and am able to keep a steady weight without trying! I am careful about avoiding the foods my body doesn’t like and I prioritize getting enough sleep, but I have no pain, I have my energy back, and I feel better than I did when I was 40!

I believe that sharing my story can give you hope, that you too can regain your heath, through making a real commitment to turn your health around and by working with a Functional Medicine Practitioner, who will guide you through the natural alternatives that work.

It is my sincerest wish that you will try a different fork on the road in your Healing journey.

Lisa Nelson – Certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach