Jumpstart ThyroSisters Freedom Program

I see your grit. You’re a proactive powerhouse, facing life’s hurdles head-on. Though lately, you’ve been feeling “off,” invisible, or stuck, especially with diagnoses like hypothyroidism, Hashimoto’s, or chronic fatigue syndrome. If so, it’s time for a change.

Our program focuses on the root causes, not just symptoms. Let’s use your energy and resilience to reclaim your health and vitality. This isn’t just another plan—it’s your path to feeling vibrant and alive.

Are you ready to jumpstart your journey towards balancing your energy, thyroid, and hormones?

If you’re struggling with fatigue, weight gain, brain fog, and sleepless nights, it’s time to listen closely—your body is signaling that something’s amiss.

Remember, you’re not lazy, not losing it, and not out of options. 

ThyroSisters JumpStart Program

The Jumpstart Freedom Program Includes

  • A comprehensive Lab Panel – Panel to evaluate estrogen dominance, Hashimoto’s, 7 markers for hypothyroid.  It also checks for adrenal fatigue, low-grade parasitic, viral, and bacterial infections, iron and B12 deficiency anemia, cardiovascular markers, cholesterol levels, magnesium deficiencies, insulin resistance and glucose metabolism, leaky gut, fatty liver, and inflammation.  (Spoiler alert.  Inflammation is the big secret behind weight loss.) Each of these elements can influence your thyroid function.
  • Downloadable App –  A comprehensive, family friendly, practical, sustainable guide to 28 days of gluten-, soy-, and dairy-free recipes, meal planning, and even shopping lists.  Made for the on-the-go you.
  • Science-Based Supplement Plan with clear, concise instructions and science-based evidence explaining WHY particular professional-grade supplements will make a difference.  Note: Since your biochemistry and health concerns are unique, so are the supplement recommendations.  Therefore, the price of supplements is not included in the program—no cookie-cutter answers here.
  • Membership in our private ThyroSisters Facebook Group with cutting-edge information, community support, and encouragement.
  • A copy of my book, an Amazon #1 Best Seller, Thyroid and Menopause Madness: Why It Feels Like You’re Falling Apart and What You Can Do About It.   
  • ThyroSisters Functional Health Report – This unique, archival, comprehensive functional health report is curated from your lab results.  Your markers are compared to the expanded reference ranges and optimal ranges.  Learn how to get to the root cause of your sleepless nights, weight gain, digestive issues, brain fog, mood swings, fatigue, and more.
  • One 90-minute Lab Review and Recommendations:
  • Six (6) 45-minute Continuing Follow-Up Milestone Consultations – Sessions include Assessment Questionnaires and Recommendations on Metabolic,  NeuroHormone, Insomnia, and Environmental toxins.

This program spans 3-4 months, depending on how the 7 sessions are used.  

Comprehensive Lab Blood Panel 1 1 2
Dutch Hormone Test 1 1
Downloadable App Included Included Included
Targeted Nutritional Plan in Dispensary Included Included Included
VIP Facebook Group Included Included Included
ThyroSisters Functional Health Report(s) 1 1 2
Lab Reviews 1 3 6
Metabolic Assessment Questionnaires 1 1 1
Neurohormone Assessment Questionnaire 1 1 1
Sleep Questionanaire and Comprehensive Clinical Funcational Health Assessment 1 1
Clean Cosmetic/Beauty Session 1 1
Environmental Session 1 1
Gastrointestinal Test 1 1
Multi-Autoimmune Antibody Testing 1
Food Sensitivity Testing 1
Neurohormone Testing 1
Heavy Metal Testing 1
Sessions Included in Program 6 12 18
Program Length 3-4 Months 6-8 Months 9-12 Months
ThyroSisters Freedom Program