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Because we care about each other, we are slowing down, and separating for our safety and that of others.

We are “social caring” not “social distancing” because that is what we are really doing, right?  Separating because we care.

Now more than ever, we need hope and confidence to bring order, wisdom, and guidance to our families and loved ones.

Want to use this “quieter” time to concentrate on improving your thyroid, hormones, and autoimmune?  Get a fresh perspective…even if you don’t want to go to the labs right now?

Since 2016 we have been utilizing the wonderful power of the internet to bring personal, all-inclusive, “telemedicine” (or better yet, “telehealth“) answers, results, and science-based programs.

Yes, you can receive the lab slips, saliva, fecal, urine, test kits, sent to the privacy and safety of your home, no matter where you live in the US.

Maybe you feel stuck or have been shamed or ridiculed for trying and “missing the mark” in the past. Or maybe you are feeling worn out, spending your days trying to be visible, fit in, or hustling for acceptance from family and friends in this unacceptable new norm you find yourself in.

You’re not alone.

The ThyroSisters Freedom Programs™  are developed from your unique lab work, from functional health kits that can be sent to your home. This will help you achieve balanced hormones, get auto-immune in remission, increase energy, have a normal weight, deep sleep, and manage your stress response. To guide you with a straightforward game plan to return you to your more capable, courageous, and connected self.

We will discover the CAUSE of your health concerns (by testing and not guessing) and implementing a science-based, customized, functional plan to eliminate those causes and restore your hormones, hypothyroid, Hashimoto’s, and other related health concerns.

When you meet with me (in person, by phone, teleconference, or video) about YOUR unique health concerns, we will have a connected, meaningful, real (sometimes tough) conversation about your concerns and goals, along with the barriers and obstacles you have experienced in the past. Together we will create a strategic plan to implement one of our ThyroSisters Freedom Programs to fit your needs and transform your quality of life.

Explore Programs:

Work with Dr. Labbe “one -on-one” remotely from anywhere in the US.* Or in an interactive, group, online educational webinar classroom setting. 

Since your health concerns are unique to you, we offer several different consultations, programs, and options to meet your needs.  You can review our programs by clicking below, or click here to schedule a complimentary ½ hour consultation with Dr. Labbe and discuss your options.

* Due to state regulations in NY, NJ, and MD, we are not able to provide services to residences of those states. 

Don’t feel overwhelmed. Call us at 858-284-9501 for more information. You’ll also receive our free report: It’s Not Just Menopause, It’s Your Thyroid: 25 thyroid and Hashimoto’s truths that explain why you feel so lousy, drowsy, exhausted, and lost!

All programs are designed to complete within 6 months or your purchase date.

ThyroSisters Treatment Packages

All of our ThyroSisters Freedom Programs Include:

  • Blood lab work  panels that can be performed at a Lab Corp in or near your zip code.  (NY, NJ, RI exempt)

  • A unique, specialized, comprehensive ThyroSisters report that details what is out of “functional” and “expanded” reference ranges, and what these markers mean to you as it relates to your symptoms and every day quality of life.

  • Science-based Nutritional Supplement Chart  and diet program  that would be best for you.  Including my rational for recommendations, daily recipes, and even shopping lists!  (Supplements are not included in the price of the program, but offered at a 10% discount, and shipped to your front door.)

  • Copies of my Amazon #1 Best Seller  Thyroid and Menopause Madness

  • Access to our ThyroSisters VIP Facebook community, where you will find comradery, like-minded, non-judgmental Thyrosisters, cutting-edge functional health topics related to hypothyroid, autoimmune issues, and much more.

  • 12 months to complete your program once you sign up!

Schedule your Clarity Call to Get Started!

Chat with one of our warm, professional ThyroSisters Team members at 858-284-9501. Or simply click here to book a complimentary ThyroSisters Clarity Call to discuss your options.

Bottom line, information available today can seem conflicting and overwhelming.  I want you to feel confidant, to truly know and own  what is going on with your system, and to be able to converse intelligently with any health care practitioner about your particular thyroid/hormone/Hashimoto’s concerns.

Thyroid Freedom Plan for hypothyroid or Hashimoto’s symptoms