Environmental Toxins

Environmental ToxinsMany people regard toxins and electrosmog the way people once regarded germs: as something that doesn’t exist because it’s not visible to the eye. But studies continue to validate the health risks and dangers of toxic chemicals and electrosmog.

Increasingly, electrosmog is linked with health risks and complications, to include cancers, brain diseases, sleep problems, and hormonal imbalance. For the sensitive female body with its complex hormonal structure, the negative health effects of toxins and electrosmog can be overwhelming, especially as hormones begin waning in the middle years, making us even more vulnerable.

Fortunately, there are ways to reduce your sensitivity to environmental chemicals and electro smog. It’s not realistic for most of us to escape to a pristine environment free of toxins, cell phone frequencies, and Wi-Fi, but there are ways to help your body become more resistant, which will help buffer it from the damage.

You can learn more about the science and legislation behind electrosmog at www.centerforelectrosmogprevention.com, as well as the American Academy of Environmental Medicine.

Dealing with Environmental Toxins:

www.EMFandRFSolutions.com: Learn how to reduce electrosmog in your home.

www.LessEMF.com —  This site offers products to help shield yourself from harmful electrosmog.

www.Earthing.comEarthing sells a variety of products, including the universal mat to help ground you to the earth.

www.PEMF.com (Pulsed Elektromagnetic Fields) — This site provides information and education about anti-electrosmog technology and products.