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Social Responsibility

Charitable Contributions from Book SalesMeet Mary and Bill, my folks. Their love story was about family, faith, education, health, and giving back to the community. Mary was a “health nut” during the time of Lindberg Nutrition and Adelle Davis. She strove to be vibrant and care for her three daughters. She taught the importance of love, hard work, and looking out for others. She was beautiful inside and out, and died of breast cancer before her time at age 50.

Today the ThyroSisters “family” continues with Mom’s tradition of excellence and humanitarianism. A percentage of all revenues from ThyroSisters is donated to the charities listed below.

The Country Friends San Diego

The Country Friends is a 501(c)3 Non-profit corporation founded in 1954 that donates it proceeds directly to San Diego-based human care agencies. Our goal is to support those agencies providing services to women, children, the elderly, the military, and persons with disabilities in San Diego County

The Country Friends consignment shop is located in the charming village of Rancho Santa Fe, the shop is a haven for those looking for unique and quality pieces of furniture and home accessories. “We take pride in our commitment to maintaining a high standard of quality, ensuring that every piece that graces our showroom floor is in excellent condition.”

A21A21 is a non-profit organization fuelled by the radical hope– that human beings everywhere will be rescued from bondage and completely restored. By supporting A21, we are joining them as the new abolitionists of the 21st century. Slavery is often talked about in numbers.

  • Millions of slaves.
  • A $150 billion industry.
  • 1% ever rescued.
Those statistics are daunting— and they lose the human element. The heart of A21 is for the one. The one woman, the one man, the one child trapped and exploited, unable to see another end to their story. But A21 sees the one, and fights for the one.
We support A21 so that survivors of human trafficking can be given freedom, independence, and the chance at a better story. Click here to learn more about the organization.