ThyroSisters MVP Program

You have prided yourself on being able to get things done… It’s how you have excelled in your work and/or raising a family. The problem is that this powerful, driven, beautiful, and balanced woman has not been around in months.

You may now find yourself in disarray, struggling with sleepless nights and feeling weary and unfocused by morning. Sometimes, you may feel yourself zoning out in meetings or feel your heart race for no reason. The hair in the drain and extra pounds on the scale aren’t doing a thing for your self-esteem.

What’s going on here? Is this just what getting older feels like, or is there an underlying issue? Perhaps you’ve had blood tests done, only to be told everything is “normal.”

To achieve optimal health, we need to look past just spotting major illnesses and focus on nurturing genuine wellness. As you move swiftly throughout various lanes of your life, often feeling irritable, foggy, and utterly exhausted, there’s a persistent inner voice—a deep intuition—telling you this isn’t your true self.

ThyroSisters MVP Program

The answers can be found in our all-inclusive ThyroSisters™ MVP Program. Measurable. Verifiable. Progress. Using Functional Lab testing and comprehensive questionnaires, we will take a deep dive into your body’s hormone, immune, digestion, and inflammation systems, what is out of balance, and most importantly, what you can do about it.   This program includes multiple functional health lab tests and a multi-step treatment plan with constant tweaking and re-testing to assess changes in your system.

The MVP Program Includes everything listed in the ThyroSisters Jumpstart Program plus:

  • Gastro Intestinal Lab – Dealing with persistent issues like constipation, diarrhea, excessive burping, and a bloated sensation? The GI-Map is considered the top-tier fecal analysis test for detecting H.Pylori, fungi/yeast, C. diff, E.coli, Candida, other bacteria, pathogens including Salmonella, and viral pathogens. This test provides a foundation for discussing clinical significance, potential treatments, and therapeutic strategies.
  • Metabolic Assessment Questionnaires – Additional deep dive into options and recommendations for insulin resistance, hypoglycemia, and metabolic syndrome.
  • Neurohormone Assessment Questionnaires – Science-based recommendations for managing mood swings, depression, and anxiety include exploring potential underlying causes and the role of epigenetics. Factors such as neurotransmitter imbalances and inadequate blood circulation to the brain are also examined.
  • Sleep Assessment Form – includes a rationale for sleep hygiene and environmentally proven nutritional supplement protocols.
  • Clean Cosmetics & Beauty: Explore a comprehensive guide on organic, clean beauty, and home products, ranging from moisturizers to personal care items, all focused on enhancing the health of your hair, skin, and nails.
  • Environmental Suggestions: Strategies for shielding your body from chemical sensitivities.
  • Includes 12 sessions over a span of 6-8 months, based on scheduling preferences.
    • One Diet/Lifestyle One-on-One (review and recommendations)
    • Two reviews of Lab Work (findings and recommendations)
    • Ten follow-up milestone consultations (Includes subjects on fatigue, insomnia, glucose issues, neurological, and sugar assessments)
Comprehensive Lab Blood Panel 1 1 2
Dutch Hormone Test 1 1
Downloadable App Included Included Included
Targeted Nutritional Plan in Dispensary Included Included Included
VIP Facebook Group Included Included Included
ThyroSisters Functional Health Report(s) 1 1 2
Lab Reviews 1 3 6
Metabolic Assessment Questionnaires 1 1 1
Neurohormone Assessment Questionnaire 1 1 1
Sleep Questionanaire and Comprehensive Clinical Funcational Health Assessment 1 1
Clean Cosmetic/Beauty Session 1 1
Environmental Session 1 1
Gastrointestinal Test 1 1
Multi-Autoimmune Antibody Testing 1
Food Sensitivity Testing 1
Neurohormone Testing 1
Heavy Metal Testing 1
Sessions Included in Program 6 12 18
Program Length 3-4 Months 6-8 Months 9-12 Months
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