Insurance does not reimburse for nutritional counseling.  After a complimentar,y 40-minute consultation, Dr. Labbe can determine which tests are necessary for you.

Dr. Labbe offers all-inclusive, discounted programs that encompass the required blood panels, consultations, comprehensive reports, access to a private Facebook community, downloadable meal planning apps, copies of her Amazon #1 Best Seller, Thyroid and Menopause Madness and Thyroid Tap group education seminars. Please note, we do not provide one-time consultations or accept insurance.

We accept FSA cards (employer-funded health cards) and major credit cards.

Additional testing may include saliva tests, neurotransmitter tests, fecal tests for digestive issues, hormone panels, hair analysis for heavy metals, autoimmune testing (from Cyrex Labs), and genetic testing. Prices vary by lab and will be discussed during your consultation.

While we do not accept insurance, PPO insurance may cover your comprehensive blood work. It is your responsibility to verify coverage. Upon request, we can provide insurance codes for possible reimbursement.