Kitten with red bow

She deserved to be spoiled…and so do you!

Earlier this year, the American Pet Products Association released their annual report on the pet industry and announced that Americans spent over $58 billion on their pets in 2014. That amount is estimated to rise to over $60 billion in 2015. These numbers aren’t so surprising if you’ve seen your neighbors walking their poodle in a new sweater every week or noticed the shelves of the pet store filled with expensive kibble tailored to breed, age, and size.

Don’t get me wrong. I absolutely adore my two furry felines, Peachy and Chloe. But, too often, I’ve seen the same people who never miss taking their “fur child” to the vet, overlook their own medical conditions. I want to make sure that we at least treat ourselves with as much care as our pets.

Health is the Foundation of Happiness

We only get one body, and if our health begins to deteriorate, it negatively impacts every area of our life. If the injury is acute, like a broken arm, going to the emergency room is a no brainer. In other instances, when symptoms emerge gradually, we are slower to react.

I meet men and women all the time who suffer from thyroid and autoimmune conditions. Oftentimes symptoms will express as growing fatigue, brain fog, dry skin, hair loss, low libido, and depression. None of these symptoms are pleasant, but it’s amazing how many people learn to just live and accept them. They’ve grown so used to a dulled and exhausted life, that they hardly remember what they’re missing.

The first step to managing a thyroid or autoimmune disease is to figure out the cause. This requires testing. If I suspect autoimmunity, I almost always recommend something called a cross-reactive test to my clients, which is an extensive food sensitivity test. Each person’s body is different, and one person may have a severe autoimmune reaction to legumes while another can gorge on peanuts every day and be fine. I once had a patient who was experience severe hair loss. I recommended a cross-reactive test, and we discovered that she was having an autoimmune reaction to…lettuce. That’s right, lettuce. As soon as she took lettuce out of her diet, her hair started growing back!

Your Health is Worth It!

Think about how wonderful you would feel if you could burst through the cloud of fog surrounding your brain or wake up rested and full of energy? Yet, many of my clients pause at the price tag of the tests necessary to discover what is going wrong inside of them. The cross-reactive test, for example, costs $650. I realize that this isn’t pocket change. In fact, it may be a significant investment for many people, but your health is worth it!

I know so many people who are somehow able to come up with hundreds or thousands of dollars when their pet has a medical emergency. I want you to give yourself permission to finance your health, which is truly a priceless treasure.

Treat yourself with all the care and love you would a child or a pet!