Do you often find yourself getting “hangry” when you wait too long to eat? While it can be slightly funny, and easily remedied (hello sugary snack!) the cause of this sudden rush of rage may be warning you of an underlying issue.

Hangry AgainOur first recommendation is to order several tests to understand what’s really going on. TEST – DON’T GUESS! Contact our team to learn how easy it is. What supplements you take for sugar handling issues will vary depending on factors such as insulin resistance, diabetes, hypoglycemia, or reactive hypoglycemia.

Below are a few general suggestions of herbs and supplements that may help depending on your particular needs. They can be helpful depending on other collateral biochemical mechanisms that may be in play and triggering the glucose/insulin fluctuations:

Other considerations for that “hangry” feeling include adrenal fatigue, how well your liver is detoxifying, elevated total cholesterol, a high glycemic diet, or other genetic predispositions.

As you decide how to treat the symptoms, you will save time and money by running the appropriate test first.  Really understand then own what’s going on with your particular glucose handling finger print.

Our office will send a requisition for blood tests to a lab in your home town…or even send certain types of lab kits directly to your home. Best place to start?  Fill out this Health History Form and schedule yourself for a complimentary “hangry” phone consultation with Dr. Labbe!