ThyroSisters Freedom Thyroid Program

Natural (But Powerful) Sleep Solution Package

This program is for you if you have a hard time getting to sleep or staying asleep for over three months.

You’ll Receive:

  • ThyroSisters™ Sleep Lab Panel to discover the root cause and the biochemical mechanisms that could be contributing to your insomnia and meaningful insight into your sleep concerns.
  • Further exploration into glucose, 5 hypothyroid markers, autoimmune thyroid, low grade infections, anemia which may be contributing to sleepless nights.
  • One 60-minute consultation with Dr. Labbe to review your test results, ask questions, and come up with a plan! (Must be used within 12 months of purchase)
  • 10% off all supplements, delivered straight to your front door with free shipping.
Natural Sleep Solution Treatment Program – Dr. Joni Labbe ThyroSisters