ThyroSisters Freedom Thyroid Program

Thrive with Your Thyroid Freedom Plan

This program is for you if:

  • You struggle with hypothyroid or Hashimoto’s symptoms like brain fog, gut issues, insomnia, or weight gain.
  • You need lab work seldom performed in the medical model.
  • You want solid, results-orientated guidance from science-based testing, nutrition, and diets. Shopping lists and recipes included!
  • You need a short one-on-one consultation with Dr. Labbe to discuss your findings and you can use two weeks of email and phone support after your consultation.
Thrive with your Thyroid Freedom Treatment Program – Dr. Joni Labbe ThyroSisters

You’ll Receive:

  • ONE COMPREHENSIVE LAB REQUISITION – Identify the root cause(s) of your symptoms by testing more than 22 biochemical pathways that may be modulating your thyroid. (These markers are seldom performed in the standard
    health care model. Includes tests for Hashimoto’s antibodies.)
  • ONE HOUR CONSULTATION WITH DR. LABBE – You will come away from your consultation with Dr. Labbe knowing what markers are out of range and why. For example, find out if you have inflammation (which is a huge factor when struggling with stubborn weight gain), leaky gut, fatty liver, Hashimoto’s, insulin resistance, B12 Folic Acid anemia, magnesium or Vitamin D deficiencies. Do you have low T4, T3 conversion issues, estrogen dominance, or adrenal fatigue? Dr. Labbe will discuss the
    findings from your lab reports during this consultation.
  • COMPREHENSIVE REPORT DETAILING YOUR LAB FINDINGS – This custom report and the following discussions and recommendations are based off of your unique lab results and targets your specific needs.
  • LIFESTYLE AND DIET RECOMMENDATIONS WITH DOWNLOADABLE APP – Our recommendations are based specifically on your biochemistry to get the results you need… faster and with less frustration. The app includes 30 days of gluten free and low sugar recipes, family-friendly meal planning, and even shopping lists!
  • SCIENCE-BASED SUPPLEMENTATION PLAN – This nutritional supplementation plan includes dosage, details
    about why you need each, references, and recommended brands. (Note: the price of supplements is not included in the program.)
  • 10% OFF ALL SUPPLEMENTS – Shop our selection of over 4,000 nutraceutical-grade, high quality supplements from the comfort of your home.
  • MEMBERSHIP IN OUR PRIVATE FACEBOOK GROUP – A wealth of information, community support, and encouragement!

Additional program details below.

How the Thrive with Your Thyroid Freedom Plan Works

Did you know you can get the lab work you needed to finally get to the root cause of your problems? Without Going to Your Doctor!

Get the Functional Health Lab work you need (and answers) to get to the bottom of your hypothyroid, Hashimoto’s, and hormone issues.

We made it simple and easy. (And that was hard to do).

Almost anywhere you live in the US, we can email you a Lab Corp Lab slip to get your blood drawn in or near your hometown. Our office receives those results, and we create a specific, easy to understand, report unique to you, based off of your lab work. Complete with comprehensive science-based nutrition recommendations!

You may think, “If only I could find the right brand or dosage of thyroid medication, I would be fine”. Or “If only I could find the right bio identical hormone, or the right supplement”, all would be ok.

The sad reality to that way of thinking is just hopeful thinking! It is not a real concrete plan for lasting change. You need to get to the root cause of your thyroid concerns. (there are approximately 22 biochemical pathways) The lab work we can send you out for (in your home town) and answers we will provide you, will identify what your core issues are and what you can do about it.

How Can the “Thrive with Your Thyroid Freedom Plan” Lab Report Change Your Life?

You will have access to a unique functional health panel that is seldom performed in the regular medical model. If you even thought you might have a thyroid problem, have been diagnosed with Hashimoto’s, or don’t know, you can stop guessing, start testing, and start feeling like YOU again.

You will learn:

  • If you have hypothyroid, is it due to low T3, or T4, or to autoimmune Hashimoto’s? Is it a low-grade infection and, if so, is it parasitic, viral, or bacterial?
  • Your iron and ferritin levels (low ferritin levels may be the cause of hair falling out)
  • Sugar handling issues, your insulin, glucose, and HA1C
  • If you have “fatty liver,” or are your inflammatory markers like CRP, fibrogen out of range?
  • Is your Vitamin D or magnesium is low?

What do you mean “Out of Range”?

Dr. Labbe will compare your lab results to not only the expanded reference ranges seen today, but the ranges that were used nationally for 50 years before they were expanded with Managed Care. Looking at your labs both from a functional and expanded range tells you a huge story as to what has been brewing and why.

Why Put off Easier?

Why wait to know why you don’t feel like yourself? Why wait for insurance to grant you the ability to run some of the lab work, but not enough to understand why? Why so fatigued, yet can’t sleep. “Wired but tired”.

You haven’t done anything wrong, you just haven’t had the opportunity to have the right comprehensive functional health labs performed and science based protocols applied.

Gone are the days that you walk out of the doctor’s office feeling crummy, and yet being told you are “normal”. The Thrive with your Thyroid Freedom Comprehensive Report will shed light on so many questions you have been wrestling with.

Click the toggles below to learn more about the process for the Thrive With Your Thyroid Program.

Click here to signup for your free clarity call with Dr. Labbe to discuss this program and make sure it’s the right fit for you. This clarity call lasts for 30-minutes and will allow you to sign up any of our Freedom Programs and get your lab requisition ordered.

Once you’ve enrolled in the ThyroSisters Freedom Program (by approving your credit card charge) you will automatically be redirected to the ThyroSisters Health History Forms.

You will receive your Lab Corp requisition slip within two BUSINESS days by email. Print the slip out. Go fasting (12 hours) to Lab Corp, the largest lab in the US, to have your blood drawn. Convenient locations provided with the requisition slip, and valid in all US states except New York, New Jersey, and Rhode Island.

Our office receives the results or your lab work in approximately five business days. Dr. Labbe will create a comprehensive playbook for you from those results, with ANSWERS as to what the blood markers mean and how these results impact your quality of life.

You will be emailed your personal, ThyroSisters™ Hypothyroid Freedom comprehensive program that will easily explain what’s out of range, to what degree you are out of range (compared to the norm), and a complete explanation of what these blood markers mean. Have this report handy for your one-hour consultation with Dr. Labbe.

A personalized and powerful, but simple, nutritional program will be created based off of your lab work. No cookie cutters here.


You may get your supplements anywhere you would like, but we offer access to over 4,000 professional-grade lines, and 10% off all supplements for life. (20% off when enrolled in the VIP Maintenance Plan) Supplements are delivered straight to your front door with free shipping.