Using robotics technology researchers have developed a machine that can remove the thyroid gland by going in from the hairline on the scalp. The procedure can be done on an outpatient basis and does not leave a scar on the neck. It cannot be used, however, for thyroid cancer or on an enlarged thyroid.

Do you even need surgery?

While this represents an advancement in technology, it fails to address the underlying cause of thyroid dsyfunction for the majority of people: an autoimmune attack on the thyroid gland.

Many find that thyroid removal does not stop the symptoms. Why? Because the thyroid gland cannot be neatly and completely removed. It’s like pulling sticky gum off the bottom of your shoe — some will be left behind. This remaining tissue continues to be the site of autoimmune attack and produces symptoms, a disheartening discovery for some who went through surgery.

I’m not saying all surgery is unnecessary. There are times when medical intervention is absolutely required. However there are also times when addressing the underlying autoimmune condition can calm the autoimmune attacks and prevent surgery.