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How I Test for Gluten Intolerance

If you have a love-hate relationship with gluten, you may be gluten intolerant. How do you know if you are gluten intolerant? Find out here.

The No-More-Leaky-Gut Diet!

Is there any way to heal a leaky gut? I thought you’d never ask. The answer is an enthusiastic yes! Learn how by reading about the No-More-Leaky-Gut diet. 

Hormones, Stress and Hashimoto’s

While stress alone, may not cause a thyroid disorder, it may contribute to your symptoms. Here's what you need to know about stress and Hashimoto's.

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Bottom line, information available today can seem conflicting and overwhelming. I want you to feel confidant, to truly know and own what is going on with your system, and to be able to converse intelligently with any health care practitioner about your particular thyroid/hormone/Hashimoto’s concerns.

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